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"At RADtec we provide both modern and traditional heating solutions to thousands of satisfied customers every year - It's all about you and the space you want to heat - we are happy to work with you in determining how to best meet your heating needs."

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    East Homes is excited to feature RADtec, a premier brand known for its innovative outdoor heating solutions, as part of our select group of partner brands. RADtec's cutting-edge products are designed to elevate your outdoor living experience, ensuring warmth and comfort all year round. Whether you're looking to enjoy extended evenings outdoors or seeking to create a welcoming atmosphere for outdoor gatherings, RADtec offers a variety of heaters tailored to your needs.

    Unique Features and Benefits of RADtec Heaters

    Innovative Heating Technology: RADtec specializes in advanced infrared heaters that deliver immediate warmth efficiently, mimicking the sun's rays. This technology not only ensures optimal comfort but also operates with minimal light emission, maintaining the natural ambiance of your outdoor settings.

    Durability and Design: Constructed with anodized aluminum alloy, RADtec heaters are built to last, offering resistance to rust and a stylish appearance that complements any outdoor décor. They are designed for an extensive operational life of over 30,000 hours, making them a long-lasting investment for your outdoor spaces.

    Variety and Versatility: RADtec's range includes models from the sleek E Series to the robust Torrid Series, catering to diverse outdoor heating needs. Whether it's a compact table heater for small gatherings or a powerful tower heater for larger areas, RADtec has you covered. Their products are also splash-resistant, making them suitable for a variety of outdoor installations.

    Ease of Use: Many RADtec heaters feature smart functionalities, including WiFi connectivity, allowing for easy control and adjustment of your outdoor heating through a smartphone. This user-friendly approach ensures that you can effortlessly tailor your outdoor heating to your comfort levels.

    Why Choose RADtec Heaters from East Homes?

    By choosing RADtec heaters from East Homes, you're not just getting a top-quality outdoor heating solution; you're also benefiting from our commitment to excellence in customer service and support. Our selection of RADtec products is suitable for both residential and commercial settings, ensuring that you'll find the perfect fit for your space. With competitive prices, detailed product descriptions, and an intuitive purchasing process, East Homes simplifies the way to enhance your outdoor living areas with premium heating solutions.


    Q: Can RADtec heaters be used in covered outdoor areas?
    A: Yes, they are designed for flexibility and can be installed in various outdoor settings, including covered areas. It's important to select a model based on its specific environmental rating and your space's requirements.

    Q: How long do RADtec heaters last?
    A: RADtec heaters boast an impressive operational lifespan, ensuring they provide warmth for many seasons.

    Q: Are RADtec heaters energy efficient?
    A: Yes, thanks to infrared heating technology, RADtec heaters directly transfer heat to objects and people, which is more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods that warm the air.

    Q: How can I control my RADtec heater?
    A: Many models come with WiFi connectivity, enabling you to control the heater via a smartphone app for ultimate convenience.