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"Elementi Plus: Redefining modern living with sleek furniture and stylish decor. Crafted for elegance and functionality, our minimalist designs elevate spaces with sophistication and practicality, inspiring a harmonious lifestyle."

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    Embark on an extraordinary journey with Elementi Plus, a premium range from Elementi Fires that signifies unparalleled luxury in outdoor fire feature innovation. Exclusively available through Elementi Fires UK, this collection is crafted to elevate your outdoor spaces with a blend of cutting-edge technology, customizable flames, and an aura of elegance that’s both rare and mesmerizing. The Elementi Plus range redefines the essence of sophistication, ensuring your outdoor living areas reflect a unique charm and a distinctive class of their own.

    East Homes is proud to partner with Elementi Plus, offering you the opportunity to bring this exclusive range into your homes. Through our platform, we aim to make your outdoor living spaces not just a place to relax, but a sophisticated retreat where luxury meets elemental beauty. Embrace the exceptional with Elementi Plus at East Homes, and transform your outdoor experiences into memorable moments of sheer luxury and comfort.


    Q: What makes Elementi Plus unique?
    A: Elementi Plus offers exclusive fire tables with customizable flames and cutting-edge technology, setting a new standard in outdoor elegance and luxury.

    Q: Can I find Elementi Plus products on East Homes?
    A: Yes, East Homes proudly partners with Elementi Plus, making these luxurious fire features available for you to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

    Q: Are Elementi Plus fire tables suitable for all outdoor spaces?
    A: Absolutely! Elementi Plus fire tables are designed to elevate any outdoor space, offering warmth, sophistication, and a unique charm that stands apart.